About us


The Holding Company was founded in 1948 when it was discovered that the Kingdom needed an exceptional range of storage and organisational product to simplify and declutter life!

As one of the most dynamic and successful Holding companies in the region Mahmood Saeed operates across a uniquely wide range of sectors, offering consumers the latest and best quality goods in Glass, Aluminium, Plastic, Real Estate, Steel, Furniture, Trading, Food & Beverages and Cosmetics.

Over the years The Holding Company has gone from strength to strength in providing consumers with a vast variation of products and thus has been recognized as one of the kingdom’s leading trading companies.


Our vision and goal is to develop Mahmood Saeed Group into an outstanding status by the practice of excellence customer service, international bench marking, quality management and continuous improvement. 

Mahmood Saeed Group's most valuable assets; its employees – and where employee's pride and integrity are matched by customer's loyalty and endorsement.

  • Mahmood Saeed Collective Company (MSCC)

    Mahmood Saeed Collective Company (MSCC) is one of the most well established business groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with headquarters in Jeddah and branches in almost all the major cities. Established in the year 1948, MSCC is well known for its manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses across a wide assortment of products such as perfumes, cosmetics, beverages, glassware, and healthcare.

    Their vision and goal is to develop MS Group into a world-class company by enhancing practices and excellence of customer service, international bench marking, total quality management and continuous improvement, to compete successfully in any chosen market.

  • Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry Company Ltd. (MSGI)

    Established in 1992, MSGI is a certified leading manufacturer and exporter of excellent quality glass products based in Jeddah. MSGI boasts an impressive capacity to produce 360 tons of glass products per day using latest state-of-the-art technology..

  • Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry Company Ltd. (MSGI)

    Established in 1982, SPCI is the largest company of its kind in the Middle East producing perfumes, cosmetics, and household products with fully integrated production combining six manufacturing operating units under one roof.

  • Mahmood Saeed Beverage Can and End Industry Company Ltd. (MSCANCO)

    MSCANCO was established in 2009. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to produce aluminum beverage cans and ends with an impressive production capacity of 1 billion pieces of cans per year.

  • Mahmood Saeed Snacks

    Mahmood Saeed Snacks factory started production in 2012, producing potato chips and pellets. With state of the art production facilities, this is one of the most innovative factories of the MS group, continuously diversifying flavors compared to competitors.

  • Mahmood Saeed Medical Company (MSMC)

    MSMC started commercial activities in 2010, as a specialized healthcare company. Presently it is one of the most advanced companies in the Kingdom’s health sector, specializing in distribution of medical supplies.