December 06, 2016 
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Welcome to Mahmood Saeed Collective Company
" Our vision and goal is to develop MS Group into a WORLDCLASS status by the practice and excellence of customer service, international bench marking, total quality management and continuous improvement, so that we may compete successfully in any chosen market.

To foster the development of MS Group's most valuable assets - its employees - and
create an organization where employee's pride and integrity are matched by customer's loyalty and endorsment.
Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry Co. Ltd.
Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry Co. Ltd.
MSGI's extensive design, mould production, decorating packing expertise make us the perfect partner for all your glassware requirements. For more information on MSGI you can visit our website at www.msgi-sa.com.
Saudi Perfume & Cosmetics Industry Co. Ltd.
Saudi Perfume & Cosmetics Industry Co. Ltd.
We are the leading producer of Perfumes & Cosmetics in Saudi Arabia. It is the largest company of its kind in the whole of the Middle East. Established in 1982, with fully integrated production facility for perfumes and cosmetics combining six manufacturing operating units under one roof. For more information on SPCI you can visit our website at www.spci-sa.com.
Mahmood Saeed Trading Co. Ltd.
Mahmood Saeed Trading Co. Ltd.
Mahmood Saeed Trading Co. Ltd. – MSTC is well known as an established commercial entity, enjoying 45 years reputation and is a bench mark for Performs, Cosmetics, Personal & Hair Care products. MSTC is also well organized with strong distribution and branches network all over the Kingdome .MSTC is operating over 40 Retail outlets with an expansion of 20 underway to serve all communities with wide range of superb quality Mahmood Saeed-MS own brands of International reputation like J.CASANOVA, PROPHECY, Elizabeth Helen, JARDIN, CACHET, REMBRANDT, Fresho Dentacare.L.V.Beethovenalong with International brands across all best locations within KSA. MSTC fructify its value proposition by satisfying our consumers’ requirements through innovation and excellence. We create value for our customers by continually improving our brands and services, enhancing their quality and by investing in our relationships with business associates.
you can visit our website at www.mstc.sa.
Mahmood Saeed Beverage Industry
Mahmood Saeed Beverage Industry
MSCC has recently established another division in its company under the registered named "Mahmood Saeed Beverage Industry (MSBI)." MSBI is a beverage factory designed to produce carbonated soft drinks, juices and similar products. For more information on MSBI you can visit our website at this www.msbi.com.sa
Mahmood Saeed Beverage Industry
Mahmood Saeed Beverage Can & End Industry Company Ltd. (MSCANCO) was established in 2009. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to produce aluminum beverage cans and ends. We have two types of products, one is the beverage cans and the other one is the beverage ends. Each type has two different sizes. The beverage can production capacity is one (1) billion pieces of cans per year. The ends capacity is 8 billion pieces of ends per year. www.mscanco.com
Mahmood Saeed Beverage Industry
Mahmood Saeed Snacks factory started production in the third quarter of 2012 producing Potato Chips and Pellets under the brand name of Dandanah. With state of the art production facilities, this is one of the most innovative factories of the Mahmood Saeed Group. Dandanah Potato Chips include Vinegar & Salt, Barbeque, Salt, Cheese, Ketchup and Chilli & Lemon flavors. Various new flavors are continuously added to make the product range the most diversified compared to competitors
MS Medical Saudi Perfume & Cosmetics Industry Co. Ltd.
MSMC started commercial activities in 2010, as a specialized healthcare company. At present, it is one of the updated companies in Saudi Arabia specializing in the distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical and laboratory equipment, diagnostics, medical disposables and hospital supplies as well as consumer supplies.
The company kept apace with the rapid development of the health sector and evolved along with the demands of a constantly growing.
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Latest News
SPCI News:
  • New JC Perfumes Mohanad & lamess launched in J. Casanova series
  • New Perfumes Noor launched in Medium Market catageory
  • New Fruit Fusion Shampoo launched in JC blue line

  • For more SPCI news please visit our website www.spci-sa.com

    MSGI News:
  • Stem ware is the latest additions to our online catalog.

  • Please feel free to browse our stemware catalog for the complete collection of all available Stemware .

    For more MSGI news please visit our website www.msgi-sa.com

    MSBI News:
  • One of our latest products is Amazone (Real float Juice) available in orange, pineapple and peach flavor with real pulp.
  • We have also produce Aqua_Vita (Bottled Drinking Water).

  • For more MSBI news please visit our website www.msbi.com.sa

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