Saudi Perfume and Cosmetics Industry Co. Ltd.

“Inspiring beauties” is the corporate mission for Mahmoud Saeed. We aim to serve as a life-long partner for consumers around the country to help them attain captivate beauty and spiritual fulfilment through our innovative products. When fragrance and cosmetics are equal to specialty and mastery, the Saudi Perfume & Cosmetics Company (SPCCL) remains your ultimate goal. Since its establishment in 1982, SPCCL name – which is home for distinguished brand names such as “J.Casanova”, “J.Casanova Blue”, “Beethoven” and “Rembrandt” ascended the throne of fragrance and cosmetic manufacturers in the Middle East region

Mahmoud Saeed perfumes & cosmetics products are sold across all cities around the Kingdom. We are striving for the support and appreciation by consumers and societies country wide, giving back to society a variety of tangible and intangible values we have fostered in fields beyond our business. Our ultimate goal is to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy happiness through beauty. We will continue to ensure that each and every Mahmoud Saeed branch can enhance and fully demonstrate their capacity as a professional and work obligingly as a team in order to create and deliver products and services that help people achieve greater beauty and confidence in their lives. We look forward to the continued support from our customers.

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