Put yourself in the bubble of fragrance with the floral woody fragrances from Cachet. Its unique combination of various scents gives that cool and fresh feel which keeps you going for long hours without reapplication. It has base notes of musk, the feminine, sophisticated fragrance comes with top notes of Ambrette Seeds, middle notes of Jasmine and dries down to base notes of Cedarwood Cachet is one of the rarest collections which has become the preferred fragrances for women of all types. It is the perfect choice as it gives you a fresh and lovely scent that takes you to a world of your own where everything is perfect and in place. Diverging from a common point it has rich and intense luminosity, Cachet leaves a complex and memorable impression. Experience the glamour and strength of Cachet fragrance.

See how Cachet will turn your world into a special place. Cachet will let you become that special woman that you are in the room.