A visionary who always sought the essential and the innovative. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and personal experiences, he combined tradition and the avant-garde, sobriety and colour, nature and sophistication. 

Our LV Beethoven brand has a genuine spirit of creativity, some of floral, musky and fruity fragrance for the modern feminine image - fresh, sweet, delicate and cheerful. The body of the perfume is a tender floral combination of the heart of lotus flower and musk. The finely blended perfumes are extracted from the highest quality of esteemed plants and rare ingredients from the four corners of the world, bringing the artistry to the realm of perfumes with its incomparable distinctive scent, leaving heads turning and hearts thrashing. 

LV Beethoven stands for modern elegance that satisfies the most chic tastes that enhances the wearer's personality. The combination of this rare design delivers liberal looks and fragrances with a contemporary attitude. LV Beethoven is impulsive, obsessive and enthusiastic, yet casual and relaxed.