This brand represents the classical cola drink. Excellent flavor and perfect carbonation have given BCola a strong placement within its markets. Over the decade of its growth, the brand has seized a strong market share in its home markets.

BCola is competing aggressively with leading international brands where its position ranks between second and third spots across different regions within the local markets. Over recent years, BCola has successfully managed to capture the attention of its various target consumer segment through attractive packaging, catchy price, and splendid taste. Consequently, BCola won over a million hearts in the beverages industry, thus securing consumer loyalty.

BCola has been created specifically with the classic strong cola flavor, to meet the enormous demand in the Middle Eastern markets as well as in many other countries. BCola is well positioned across the Middle East, and can be easily found in almost all big and small retail stores, Hyper markets, Super Markets, Small Grocery Stores, as well as in Coffee Shops and Self Service Stores.