As the founder of the only real non-alcoholic beer, Hillsburg has been able to build a strong position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in other parts of the Middle East. The Mahmood Saeed family’s arts have been brewing beer under the name of Hillsburg since over 15 years and has been exporting non-alcoholic beer throughout the Middle-East. The brewing method Mahmood Saeed uses for its non-alcoholic beer is still unique in the brewing world. Hillsburg introduced the first non-alcoholic malt beer to the Middle Eastern market, which boost the demand of non-alcoholic beers.

Hillsburg is a premium lager with a sparkling gold appearance and a smooth, crisp taste. Made using the finest hops and yeast from around the globe, with water from the deep water wells of Saudi Arabia and organic ingredients. So, organic, but more importantly very tasty! A truly refreshing lager. Always a plus when it comes to malt beers – is full of flavour!