MS Snacks

Mahmood Saeed Snacks started production of Potato Chips and Pellets under the Dandanah brand name in the third quarter of 2012, in one of Mahmood Saeed Group’s most innovative factories with top-range facilities.

With 6 iconic flavors in our portfolio, it is very likely that we have a uniquely flavored snack or two that you love, and maybe even some you haven’t had the chance to try… yet.

Check out your new favorites below! Dandanah Potato Chips include Vinegar & Salt, Barbeque, Salt, Cheese, Ketchup and Chilli & Lemon flavors.

Various new flavors are continuously added to make the product range the most diverse in the market. That is why we don’t just pack our crisps with flavour, we also make them with an extra dose of care, craftsmanship, and a whole lot of zing.