Mahmood Saeed
Development and Steel Industry

Mahmood Saeed Development and Steel Industry offers a supply service for everything from temporary works steel, to architectural metalwork. All our clients are important and all are treated with equal importance.

Construction is the single largest market for Mahmood Saeed Development and Steel Industry. Our diverse range of products includes structural hollow sections; steel floor decking; and metal building envelope systems. Through our investment in digital technologies, technical excellence and continued research we provide construction components that enable sustainable and iconic construction projects.

WOur main mission is to supply and support the industrial division with accredited steel. We are contracting with the best accredited steel manufacturers. The products we provide are certified in terms of quality and followed by the most common international standards.

We supply a comprehensive range of high quality steel and aluminium products and services into demanding markets of construction directly employ the fitting workforce and therefore remain in control of the quality and service delivered to our customers.

Mahmood Saeed Glass

With its cutting-edge technology, Mahmood Saeed Glass industry provides high quality glassware for home and commercial use such as perfumes, cosmetics and food industries.

Mahmood Saeed Glass Industry Company is a quality managed company with ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 9000:2000 quality certificates holder. The company is committed to produce quality products that fully conform to our customers’ requirements, “Quality Products on Time, Every Time". Mahmood Saeed Glass Co.’s main objective is to provide outstanding customer satisfaction throughout all aspects of our business. We understand the commitment and enthusiasm that is needed to achieve levels of excellence that exceed expectations.

Mahmood Saeed is influential in promoting glass as first choice material across all glass sectors and ensuring that both the industry and its products remain competitive and innovative.

Mahmood Saeed Glass Co. extensive design, mould production, decoration and packing expertise make us the perfect partner for all your glassware requirements.

Mahmood Saeed Plastic

Established in 19.., Mahmoud Saeed Plastic Industry is one of the most established plastic products manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MSPI continued success and growth over the last … years can be attributed to an ability to adapt and evolve enabling them to remain a leading supplier in the Plastics Manufacturing Industry.

MSPI has three manufacturing, assembly and distribution operations strategically located across the Kingdom. In addition to these and, in order to provide cost effective and competitive services to an ever increasing customer base, MSPI also has manufacturing and assembly operations in other Middle Eastern regions.

MSPI is unique in providing a complete package for new product ideas and has helped many customers take their inventions from the drawing board into reality. MSPI has a very diverse customer base to which they provide a large range of products and services.

MSCANCO Aluminium

Mahmood Saeed Can and End Industry Company Limited (MSCANCO) is a unit of MS Group of companies, located at the Red Sea port city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  MSCANCO is fitted with advanced technology equipment for the manufacturing of high quality Aluminium Beverage Cans and Easy Open Can Ends. Our team’s experience in the aluminium industry, and global reach, enable them to assess trends and developments in aluminium on the ground.

Aluminium has a wide range of packaging applications, from beverage cans to food containers, aerosols and tubes. Packaging absorbs 17% of industry output in Europe, making it the third largest sector.

The aluminium beverage can is one of the world’s most popular drinks containers. Middle Eastern use up to 50 billion cans every year, drinking mineral water, soft drinks and beer. The aluminium can has become the ‘iconic’ pack for energy drinks.

Due to the aluminium’s total barrier function of, beverage cans retains taste while offering a very long shelf life. It is the perfect packaging for any drink. It is extremely light, stackable, virtually unbreakable and - thanks to fantastic temperature conductivity - drinks can be quickly cooled in a snap and remain cool for longer.

The plant has an installed capacity of and 8.5 billion Easy Open Ends and 850 million cans per annum.

MSCANCO End making facility is one of the most advanced plants in the world, with CDL technology, meeting the new industry trend of light-weighting and high performance, for Easy Open Ends suitable for beverages, soft drinks and juices.