CEO Message

“Inspiring beauties” is the corporate mission for Mahmoud Saeed. We aim to serve as a life-long partner for consumers around the country to help them attain captivate beauty and spiritual fulfilment through our innovative products.

Mahmoud Saeed products across all the Kingdom and around the world. We are fuelled by the support and appreciation of consumers and society country-wide and worldwide, giving back a variety of tangible and intangible values we have fostered in fields beyond our business. Our ultimate goal is to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy happiness through beauty. We will continue to ensure that each and every Mahmoud Saeed branch can enhance and fully demonstrate their capacity as a professional and work cooperatively as a team in order to create and deliver products and services that help people achieve greater beauty and confidence in their lives. We look forward to the continued support from our customers.

Word of CEO

For the past 40 years, Mahmoud Saeed Group has accomplished countless milestones as one of the premiere family-owned corporations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Group’s prosperity is a result of the business wisdom and strong personal values espoused by its founder, Sheikh Mahmood Saeed who established a strong existence in the market through iconic projects that have a positive impact on the Kingdom's business landscape, empowering local production and inspiring confidence in exporting quality Arab products to the world. 

The Group enjoyed tremendous success following our uncompromising commitment towards upholding traditional family values and championing integrity, first-rate services and social responsibility. Our growth and expansion plans have always been in line with the vision of the country’s wise leadership, especially His Royal Highness King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef, and we remain committed towards supporting the long-term socioeconomic growth plan of the Government of the Kingdom. 

Mahmoud Saeed Group will continue to focus on expanding its business interests in the Kingdom and in the region, reinforcing our commanding presence across major sectors and further developing our reputation for providing unparalleled quality products and services. 

Following our founder’s vision, we at the Mahmoud Saeed Group will always look at innovative ways to expand and diversify our line of industries, breach new business fields and enter new markets. 

To fulfil our vision of becoming the leading Holding Group by satisfying our customers and creating value, we will implement our strategies through strong and swift management practices that can adapt to the ever-changing global business environment. We look forward to showing you the best of Mahmoud Saeed Group as we continue to evolve and grow. 

Sheikh Mahmood Saeed
Rushdi Mahmood Saeed
Deputy Chairman
Shawgi Mahmood Saeed
Member of Board of Directors
Ehab Mahmood Saeed
Member of Board of Directors
Abdulkhaliq Gassam
Member of Board of Directors
Dr. Ayman Khalil
Chief Executive Officer
Mohammad Salim
Chief Financial Officer
Dakhil-Allah Al-Seraihi
Administration General Manager